Habitat for Humanity
Leana Hunt gave us a brief presentation on Habitat for Humanity.
Leana gave us an overview of what Habitat does in the community. It is a not for profit organisation that works in partnership with people of good will and families in housing need, to eliminate substandard housing.
Habitat’s vision is to provide proper housing. This is because Habitat takes the view shelter is a basic human right.

Habitat assists with homeownership. Habitat selects families in housing need to join its program. Selected families do 500 hours of their time (sweat equity one could say) to build their home.  Once the home is complete they make affordable regular repayments to Habitat. This rent then buy model then helps families build up a deposit which is then used to assist them to obtain independent funding which then enables them to buy the home from Habitat.
Habitat is looking at a home maintenance program for people who cannot themselves afford maintenance, beneficiaries including pensioners.
Habitat assesses needs and provides a loan to the individual at 0% interest which is paid back on the basis of affordability.
Habitat is looking at various elements of the housing market, affordability the real variability of housing stock in Auckland.

Habitat will be seeking our views as a partner with habitat on the services that provides. Shortly there will be a survey circulated for completion by members in the next few weeks.
For more information on Habitat for Humanity go to www.habitat.org.nz