The Great Traveller – DG Roger Harvey – stood in as our sole guest and key note speaker. Roger needs no introduction. He gave a run down on what he had observed – Rotary wise – during his recent trips around the Pacific Islands parts of our district:
  1. At Taveuni, Fiji – still significant evidence of last years cyclone damage with much work still to be done. Also the Eye Project (for which we are the lead club) of which Roger is a very keen supporter. This year the project completed 240 eye surgeries – nay on young children giving them sight. Roger was able to award PHF’s to members of the surgery team Expect a more full report from Roger at some stage soon.
  2. Fiji – Roger observed the benefits of a solar power scheme for health acre centres and a mini oxygen generation system for people in need to it.
  3. Cook Islands – photo’s of Roger at a heavily Rotary branded recycling centre and a children’s playground
  4. Koroipito – a low costs housing project for homeless and disable people – our government might lean something here.
  5. Pago Pago – innovative funding projects, a swimming pool used to teach swimming and a children’s play ground.
Roger presented the club with an award certificate for contributions to the Stop Plouio now project.