Presentation Of AEDs

The club is sponsoring AED’s for placement in Auckland. We are putting 5 in various places. The first AED was handed to the Salvation Army for placement in Epsom Lodge. Eric Turner accepted on behalf of Epsom Lodge the AED that we had obtained.

In addition, President Simon presented representatives of the Salvation Army in Royal Oak Mission a cheque for $8,000.00 to support the Christmas Hamper Programme. Last year, the Mission produced 450 hampers. The Mission is the second largest food bank in Auckland and offers all sorts of support to those who need it in the area. The people who receive hampers are those who the Mission has worked with.


Mini vocational – Ric Buchanan

Members received a mini vocational from Rick Buchanan, a past president of the club and presently Treasurer. At the beginning of his address, Rick noted that when he was President, our present President Simon was 14 years old.

Rick gave us an interesting background to his life. His father worked for Qantas and so travelled a lot, particularly to the United States. As a consequence of those visits, Rick seemed , together with his family, to be the first to have jeans and all the other bits and pieces that the American’s produced in the 50’s and 60’s.

Rick’s mother was born in Tahiti so he has a significant French connection, although on a recent visit to France, he discovered that he had cousins living in Victoria Avenue. Rick is married to Adele. They met in 1969 and got together after Rick completed his University studies and subsequently married in 1792. Rick and Adele have 2 children; Stewart who lives in UK and is a Investor Relations Manager for a Norwegian shipping company and Amanda is married and lives in Auckland.

Rick is an Accounting professional. He is a sole practitioner who discovered, after working in the corporate environment and the Partnership environment, that he preferred sole practice. He has been in sole practice in 30 years and loved every minute of it.

Rick has been a member of the club for 30 years. There are 15 members who are longer serving than he. Been Treasurer twice for the club and has been on the Board since 1998. He has had the privilege of serving 19 Presidents, which has been a very rewarding and interesting exercise.

Rotary has brought Rick many rewarding jobs. For example; he recently attended Mt. Albert Grammar School to present a June Grey Scholarship to a female student from that school to enable her to attend or support her attendance at Auckland University.

When Rick is not at work or participating in Rotary, he likes watching sports and supporting his family.