Is there a better place to isolate?  Probably not. (photo taken before I was sick)
After a few days of fun with some nice walks, scenic drives and one (yes, just one) day of skiing, I caught the lergy.  I will confess, like most people in New Zealand, I had got a little bit complacent.  I had, up until this point, managed to avoid catching COVID-19.  Don't get me wrong, I had tried to catch from my wife when she had it but failed miserably.  She had a mild dose and, by her own words, felt a little bit of a fraud for having to isolate at home when she felt fine.  At that point I had to question the Governments isolation policy.  We were all negative after three days but still had to isolate which seemed to be daft.
Was I immune?  Clearly not.  Did I get a mild dose?  Hell no!
It was nasty.  Aches, pains, coughing fits, shortness of breath ... I honestly felt a hospital trip might be in order and this was a day after skiing.  I'm fit (well, sort of for a 50 year old) but this was nasty and the effects are lingering some three weeks later.  Having now experienced the worst of the virus, I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
It was clear I caught it while skiing (see embarrassing "pouty face" ski photo).  Coronet Peak was absolutely packed and while I have jokingly blamed the Aussies for visiting, it was packed with Kiwis too.  Nobody was using masks.  Nobody was keeping a sensible social distance which, to be fair, was hard to do in the cafe's.  So, sadly, I had to stay home and isolate.
But, what is worse than having to isolate at home?  In my humble opinion, it was having to isolate in Queenstown.  It was truly depressing to look out the window and see the mountains bathed in sunshine and not be able to enjoy it. It truly is an amazing place and my favourite place in NZ.  Hopefully, when I return, I won't be stuck in doors sick!  (view from my house towards Coronet on the right)
What was nice was keeping in touch with our Rotary Newmarket Comms team.  It kept me thinking of better things and highly amused ... especially with Ron's volume of emails (why send one when twelve will do smiley).  They made me laugh and kept me sane ... well, sort of wink