From President Simon
As You Like It
Presented by the Pop-up Globe King’s Company
“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it”
The Pop-up Globe King’s Company presents Shakespeare’s brilliant comedy, As You Like It, at Pop-up Globe Auckland.
A young girl and her friend, wanted by the authorities, escape the tyrannical court and find shelter in the ancient Forest of Arden. But they’re not alone. And as the Forest works its transformative magic on all those who seek refuge there, love and life have never felt more precious.
Set in the summer of 1642 - just months before the outbreak of the bloody and disastrous English Civil War and the permanent closure of the original second Globe theatre - and performed by a full all-male cast in authentic costumes of the period, As You Like It is an exercise in early modern escapism.
The Pop-up Globe King’s Company is Pop-up Globe’s resident all-male company of actors and live musicians, working with world experts to bring you the authentic shock of the old: the effect of Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space and style for which they were written.
For the Pop-up Globe King’s Company
Director: Tom Mallaburn (UK)
Designer: Barbara Capocci
Composer: Paul McLaney
Fight Director: Alexander James Holloway
​This is a strictly first come/first served basis.  I have reserve 40 tickets based on the interest shown.  Seating will be Reserve A at $165 each (The posh seats).