Polio+ needs YOU…..it’s almost
World Polio Day is 24 October 2016.
Remember to Register your event
REMEMBER Gates Foundation contribution  2 for 1 basis on funds raised
 REMEMBER as well as other possible activities
3 point action plan for  D9920 Clubs:
1. Continue your annual activities  - either Club for Polio activity  eg Rotary Waiuku street sausage sizzle;  and/or supporting            individual Polio champions  e.g. Gary Donaghue our Runner for Polio and,  Richard Thorpe Rider for Polio
2.  Hold a World’s Greatest Meal (WGM) event or enlist individual club members to host/participate.
3.  Celebrate a PD Purple Day in your allocated schools
Further information:
Contact PDG Ron Seeto ronseeto@mcparchietcts.com