Key note speaker on 27 September 2016 was Loren O’Sullivan,  Director of NPH New Zealand.
Loren gave a Heartfelt talk about NPH ( Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos).  The good news is that Loren is destined to become an associate member of the club. Loren is also ex RYLA giving us further proof and endorsement for that program.
NPH is an organisation that provides home and protection for some of  the orphans in South America.
Loren worked for 2 years in Honduras  teaching English in one of the facilities for NPH .
The children of Honduras if they were not with NPH would be on the streets as they have no parents or anyone to support them. In fact Loren told us of the gang activity causing death and abuse to these children.
Kids are growing up living off the rubbish dump as they seek survival above anything else.
NPH operates in 9 countries and is helping over 3000 children.
Loren introduced us to one 10 year old whose mother had died and now had the responsibility to look after 5 siblings.  Without NPH they would be on the street.
Another Child had been blinded by a relative after abuse  and was now bringing up her child at NPH.
Loren introduced the following quote.
“Courage is not the absence of Fear but, rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear “
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Loren has given up her fulltime teaching role to take on the management of NPH   Thanks to Dave Birch who supports a child already Loren  has found an office to  operate from . 
Loren demonstrated a great cause and was thanked by Peter Ross.
Loren distributed a fundraising brochure seeking members support . I am sure that Loren will continue to seek funds for this great cause.  the website is