Club member John Burton presented a vocational.
And very good it was too. John became a member in 2008 – after asking Jeff Smith in the car park at Circus Quirkus how he could get involved in such great work!. John was a keen cricketer in his youth, NZ Schoolboys rep and took his prospective wife off to England to play cricket after completing a BCOM at Auckland University.
Then returned to the family tea importing business here. After the sale of that business in the early 80’s John set up his won tea and coffee trading empire – initially in competition with his father and brother but later with them John secured the Dilmah tea brand in NZ and has built a long and close relationship with the founders – the Fernando family.
John suffered paralysis after a heart operation in 1995 and soon realised that it was the bit at the top of his head which would save him and soon launched in to a new project with his brother starting (and still a part owner ) of the Columbus Coffee chain. John is now working on a succession plan hoping to bring his 2 daughters in to the family business.  John claims to have been lucky in life and family  - a very positive person and great club member.