Meeting report – Rotary club of Newmarket 12 July 2016
District Governor’s Visit,
At our meeting on 12 July 2016 we hosted Roger Harvey in his capacity as District Governor for our Rotary District.
Roger was supported by his wife Georgie and Assistant Governor Pam Deal. Roger’s Visit Was His 2nd DG, leaving him 53 to do.
Rogers address covered a number of topics. 
He reported on his visit to RYLA which was a superb event.
He told us of his visit to the Rotary International conference in Korea where there were thousands of enthusiastic Rotarians in attendance. Roger told us he ate a lot of kimchee. He didn’t say however whether or not he liked it.
Roger’s theme for the year is the power of the one connecting for good. In other words each member needs to connect with others to do good both for the club and for society.
Roger noted that in 2017 the Rotary foundation will be 100 years old. He noted the foundation is a wonderful tool for use by Rotarians as it provides the opportunity to leverage projects.
And on this point Rogers proposed the suggestion that clubs in our district join with others to do big projects rather than the modestly sized ones each club attempts.  The point is working with others rather than going it alone.
Roger made the very real point that clubs tend to operate in silos, and to a certain respect that is the case with Newmarket as it is a large and wealthy club that runs big events. We tend to do our own thing. He told us to get outside the silo and see what is there. Join with others and do bigger events.
Roger told us we will be having 2 exchanges this year. One from Mumbai India and the other from Canada. The Indian Rotarians will be in New Zealand and will be attending the conference in May 2017. The Canadians will be here in February 2017.
Following the success of the social enterprise events run by Newmarket and other clubs a social enterprise workshop has been set up to expand our presence in that space.
One of the issues that Roger will be looking at this year is upping retention of members and reducing churn rates which are presently about 44%. This sometimes happens because we leave members to their own devices and don’t get them into the swing of things soon enough.
Roger told the story of his becoming a member due to the persistence of Brian McMath. His membership was a bit of a mystery at first as initially he didn’t have a job to do. Although he was on a big committee the jobs were taken. That changed he picked up a job and he was off his committee involvement increased he became president of the club became involved in District and now it is DG. He told us that we have to be quicker getting new members jobs and to advise them we educate them about what Rotary does.
Roger thanked the club for the work it does with Circus Quirkus, the Garden Design Festival, The Digital Learning room, the various Taveuni projects and our Motutapu projects. He suggested that when it comes to the projects we sponsor/contribute to that we really need to avoid writing checks for other people’s charities as they take the kudos and we don’t. His aim is to make sure Rotary’s projects are supported and we receive the publicity and the kudos.
Roger thanked those who are assisting him in District for his gear as district governor, including Martin McGahan Paul Monk, Russell Toplis, Peter Ross, Warwick Leyland, Ron SEATO, Scott Burridge and John Mitchell amongst others.
His parting message was to bring our communities into Rotary and invite other people to join Rotary.
DG Roger was introduced by past DG Ron Seeto and thanked by Warwick Leyland
President Simon Dalton reported on the board meeting that took place on 11 July 2016.
He noted that we will be moving around Ellerslie racecourse function rooms as our usual room is being redecorated.
Jeff Smith reported on the first meeting of the world community service committee. The focus of that committee this year will be projects where there is a return for an exposure for Rotary. In particular that agreed to pay 5 thousand dollars for wheelchairs with Rarotonga, in partnership with the Rotary club of Rarotonga. In addition the committee will be working with the digital learning room to set up a program to replace iPads as they reach the end of their life expectancy.