Our guest on Tuesday 22 November was ACT Leader and MP for the Epsom Electorate David Seymour.
President Simon welcomed members and welcomed guest speaker, David Seymour, our local MP for Epsom and leader of the ACT part. David also serves as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Educations and Regulatory Reform in the National lead government.
David’s presentation focused on New Zealand’s immigration policy which he believes will be the decisive issue in next year’s general election. Net permanent long term migrants are now 70,300 in the year ended October 2016 adding to pressure on housing, employment, healthcare and infrastructure. Total net immigration in the last 5 years is 190,000, which compares to the mid- seventies and early eighties where New Zealand had a net outflow of 155,000 over a five year period. From the mid eighties New Zealand has followed a skills based test for new immigrants which has seen a far broader racial and cultural mix of new arrivals.
David was introduced by Patrick Learmonth and thanks offered by Michelle Smith