Our speaker was President-Elect John Hawke. 
John has invested thousands of hours in his volunteer coastguard work over many years and gave us some interesting insights into his work with the organisation during that time.
He introduced us to the Trillian Trust and Lion Foundation Rescue boats. Current problems with engines notwithstanding,
                      John described several of the rescues he had been associated with:
  • Swamped boats needing pumping out
  • Fouled anchor chains
  • The Hobi-Cat rescue of 4 teenagers after another boat had ploughed into them
  • Abandoned boats
  • Irresponsible boatees
  • Preventable and foreseeable fuel problems
He mentioned First Aid revalidation every two years; public awareness programmes, training – and with the Navy and the Westpac helicopter,  flotsam retrieval, working associations with the Police and the Fire Service.  And a lot of sociable food and drinks occasions with the volunteers, boatees on the water  and providing reassurance to those rescued.
Great narrative stories of a special group of volunteers, providing essential community services.
Thank you John – an insightful and wide-ranging presentation.
Prince Edward takes the helm last November and heads up the harbour at 35 knots. Charlotte, another of the Coastguard volunteers, ready to intervene and take over the controls at a moment’s notice!