Our guest speaker at Tuesdays meeting was Bill Stead.
Bill has been involved installing large water projects all around the world.
The water business consists of resources, treatment, distribution and wastewater.  Roughly 20% of water is lost through distribution.  
The water business around the world is dominated by 2 French companies, Suez and Veolia.
From a historical point of view, the Romans started water distribution.  The next big breakthrough was chlorination. The first biological systems were implemented after the Thames began to stink.
Today, most of the problems related to water now are political and local challenges, not engineering.
Bill has worked on projects such as sewage treatment plans in Guangzhou and water treatment in Tianjin plant and North Ireland.
In Auckland, the current problem is that our reservoir was created when there were no suspended solids in the run-off.  As the area has grown, clay solids now run off into the reservoir when it rains. 
Also, much of the other drinking water isn’t properly treated.  Roughly 60% of rainwater tanks are contaminated.  There are 30,000 cases of water bourne diseases are year in New Zealand.