Newmarket (Inc)

New Zealand

Join our Zoom meeting on Tuesday 15 June at 7.30pm to hear Mike Ross, from Victoria University, talk about the Treaty of Waitangi and colonisation and other Maori related issues. Mike is an expert in this field and I'm sure will be very interesting. These are important issues for New Zealand and we should all try to deepen our knowledge.

Mike teaches in the Māori Studies Department, and is the “kai korero” or senior Māori orator for the University.  He is also a member of the Kauhanganui (tribal Council) of Tainui Waka and is Kaumatua (elder) of Ngati Haua, a senior tribe of Tainui.  Mike is an accomplished speaker and also has personal experience in whānau and tribal issues related to the Treaty of Waitangi and the realities of colonisation.  His PhD included a history of the settlement of Tainui in Waikato as well as a clear and fearless account of the internal conflicts within the Māori governance of Tainui Waikato in recent times.  Mike is a peace-maker and is widely respected.