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Justin O'Sullivan

Justin O’Sullivan – Liggins Institute

Our guest speaker at our Tuesday evening meeting at Remuera golf club was Associate Professor Justin O’Sullivan from the Liggins Institute. Justin is the associate Director for Research at the Liggins Institute.

Justin’s research group looks into genomes and cell structure formation, function and inheritance. His research group’s goal is to interpret the relationships between a cell’s DNA code for (the genotype) and what we actually see (the phenotype) in terms of genome biology. That is achieved by using and developing methods and technologies from molecular biology, bioinformatics, and computational biology to integrate the spatial organisation of genomes with measures of their function. (This was unashamedly lifted from Justin’s biography on the Liggins Institute website).

Justin’s address took us through the mysteries of DNA. And the attempts to understand the rules by which DNA work. What does and how it is made up are well-known but how it works is not.

In a very interesting address Justin took us through facial recognition derived from DNA, how DNA can be used as a predictor for Huntington’s disease.

This is because Huntington’s disease G known as expressed in all cells in the human body and people with Huntington’s disease show liver changes well before other symptoms appearit follows that if a persons DNA shows a propensity to Huntington’s disease then that can be followed up well in advance of symptoms appearing.

Similarly it is possible in future for DNA to be used as predictor for other diseases such as type I diabetes and similar.

Justin also told us that depending on the circumstances DNA can refold itself if that is the correct expression and act differently depending on how it is folded. To demonstrate the concept Justin gave us some plastic balls which changed colour when they were tossed from hand to hand. That demonstration summed up what was for the writer a slightly more difficult concept to understand.

Justin’s address was enthusiastically received by those members present and generated a significant number of questions.

 Thank you Justin

RYLA 2018 Applications

Time flies.

RYLA applications are sought for RYLA 2018.

Richard Solomon is leading the selection process for RYLA participants nominated by members of our club, so put your thinking caps on and see if you can identify potential nominees.

The RYLA week is being run this year by our Club, so it is a big RYLA year for RCON and we are integrating some positive new ideas into what, as you know, is already a very successful leadership development week for the selected young adults to further develop their leadership team work and communication skills and self confidence. Many RYLA graduates each year refer to their experience as " the week that changed my life."

- The website - - has been upgraded and I suggest you familiarize yourself with it. 

- A process change is that ALL applications are to now be completed on line through the format on the website. There they will be received by the District Organizing Committee straight into the RYLA data base.

They will then email a copy of each application back to our Club for the interview process. 

PLEASE ENSURE the box is completed on each application, indicating the application is through the Rotary Club of NEWMARKET

Some Key Information.....

- we will be looking to interview applicants during March so your selection process should be ideally completed around the end of February. 

- The fee this year is $950 + GST= $1092.50 .

- Age. Candidates should be between the ages of 20 and 28 on 1st May .2018. 

- Dates. Saturday 30th June (early start) to Saturday 7th July (midday), The Rotary Club will provide transport to and from the venue. 

- RYLA is about Leadership and developing existing leadership skills. Candidates should be already demonstrating some clear leadership abilities that can be further developed. 

- As you identify your nominees, please draw their attention to the website for information and particularly to ... 

... the dates 

.... the Code of Conduct

... the Compulsory Equipment List

... and the need for a reasonable standard of fitness (Ability to walk 10 Kms at a reasonable pace is an indication.)

... On interview candidates will be asked to confirm their compliance and commitment with all of these. 

If you have any queries please contact Richard
Whats Coming up
Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary is looking to our clubs to find suitable candidates for the 2019 exchange year.


One of the most rewarding aspects of the Rotary youth Exchange programme is that it is open to NZ students (and family of Rotarians) to apply and have a 12 month exchange with great supporting host families


Club Members will have someone eagerly  wanting to apply and all they need is to know about the program – be the person that changes their life…



John Fothergill


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