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David Bradshaw
Presidents Notes - Rapport  30 April 2019
President David welcomed guests, Matt Laidlaw, Leonie Lawson, Robert lee's wife Jenny, and new members Sarah-Jane and Leaupepe Taala Ralph Elika who were inducted on Tuesday as members of our club.

Remember these events are on the horizon:

  • Cocktails at the Bradshaws - Sunday 5 May @4pm.
  • Lunch at the end of the line on 30 May. 10 people have already indicated they are attending capacity for the 25 people. Contact Bill to register your interest,

Please note our next meeting will be at Remuera Golf Club 7 May 2019 6.30pm for 7.00pm
Dates to put in your diary.
Circus Quirkus - 9 June 2019
The Garden Designfest is up and running. But sponsors are needed. If you know anyone whose shoulder can be tapped plase tell Paul Monk.
District Conference. Napier 2010 - Keep Rotary Real.  To book for the conference see the conference website -
From Sergeant Alastair "Sincere apologies for the tone & content of one of my stories last meeting. Big Mistake. Sorry"   Enough Said.
Duties  - If you cannot undertake your rostered duty please arrange for some-one else to step in and do your duty.
Programme 7-May-2019 14-May-2019 21-May-2019
Venue @ Time Evening @ Remera Golf Club Lunch @ Ellerslie Lunch @ Ellerslie
Speaker Dr David Galler - Intensivist Sarah-Jane Elika AGM @ Strategic Planning Team
Topic Ongoing project for Samoa Hospital Vocational AGM + Intro New Board
Thanks David Bradshaw TBC TBC
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Robert Lee - "it's OK until it's not OK"
Robert Lee addressed us last year on the subject of the China Dream and the Belt and Road.
His address on the 30th enlarged on that address and opened the way to a further address on this fascinating subject.

Robert briefly reprised recent address regarding the “China dream” and the “Belt and road” program which has been put in place by the President of China Xin Ji Ping.

Members will recall the China dream is the intention to return China to the position of respect and prominence that it occupied world affairs before the 18th century when it experienced what is described as the century of shame.

The Belt and Road is designed to connect China to Europe at least on the surface. Underlying that is a greater intention to connect with the rest of the world.

At this point in his address Robert talked about ambiguity and how for for the Chinese ambiguity is in fact clarity.

He emphasised this by asking us what the distance was from Ellerslie Convention Centre to the corner of Khyber Pass and Broadway. Members suggested that it was some 2.5 to 3 km. Robert told us that the Chinese response to that question would be “not far – not close, okay”. In other words no distances are specified but the words mean the destination is neither far away nor close but somewhere in between. Put into other words it means what you want to mean.

 The point Robert was making was that the Belt and Road is an umbrella giving expression to engagement with the rest of the will not is. The principle underpinning the Belt and Road initiative is “trade together built together and enjoy together”

 This leads onto the question of New Zealand’s engagement with China as New Zealand appears to be outside the main focus of the Belt and Road initiative. Robert put this way how close does New Zealand want to be too China and/or how relevant we want to be.

At this time Robert offered us another aphorism which does sum up China which is “everything is right until it is wrong”. In human terms Robert pointed to a colony of African illegal immigrants in Qingdao whose presence the Chinese authorities tolerate because they are trading happily between Africa and China they they are there until the Chinese authorities decide they should not be there.

Issues have arisen with respect to the Pacific and this is which of Robert’s address was quite interesting there is a lot of Chinese investment in the Pacific, Tonga, samoa and Fiji. The question is what happens if those countries default on their obligations to China.

Robert offered the view that because in comparison to other areas of the world for example Africa China’s investment is so small a default will be of no consequence. Robert considers that the Pacific is well-placed to take advantage advantage of China as it is too small to be a threat or risk. Consequently China is unlikely to do anything in case of default. The contrary view would be that the default and subsequent inaction by China would lead to a loss of face so that China would consider itself obliged to act rather than sit on its hands.  I hope we don't find out what view is correct.

Robert commented on China US relations. He feels that China takes the view the current impasse is not about trade it’s more about global prominence. especially having regard to the Chinese desire to be a leader in 10 technologies including information technology A & I, robotics green vehicles agricultural machinery the list goes on. This is regarded as a challenge by the United States hence causing to some extent the conflict.

As a consequence the Americans want to decouple from China - for example the United States wants China to give up its 2025 vision. To make that happen there is a threat to stop the provision of high-end semiconductors which China may concede in order to win its long-term objectives encapsulated in the China dream. China is of course playing the long game while the Americans seem to play the short game.

Robert’s address was intriguing and is likely to be followed by a third presentation on the subject.

District Conference at Napier May 10 -12
Hot off the press from District 9920 HQ.
From John Fothergill regarding the District 9920 conference.
We are now only weeks out from the District 9920 conference in Napier.
Already more than 200 of you have registered for the conference, but there is still plenty of time for those who have not.  To register click here:
The conference boasts a fantastic location and venue, some excellent pre- and during-conference activities, as well as a lineup of speakers that you won't want to miss including:
  • Dr Tom Mulholland - Dr Tom is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with over 25 years’ experience in New Zealand. He has worked in Kaitaia Hospital in the North to Southland Hospital and the Sub Antarctic Islands as a doctor. He has worked in Tologa Bay, Chatham Islands, Papamoa in the east to Raglan, Taranaki and Greymouth in the west. He has hosted his own TV and Radio shows, written two internationally best-selling books and been a professional speaker to the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton for the last 10 years.
  • Dr Harold Hilman -After working in his early years as a clinical psychologist, Dr Hilman developed a passion for leadership development while teaching at the United States Air Force Academy.  His professional journey since then has led him down the path where he is actively exploring the domain of authentic leadership.  His two books have focused on what it means to lead others through authentic connections.  
  • Mike Williams - Mike is a former president of the Labour party and regularly appears on current affairs television in New Zealand.  Mike is chief executive of the Howard League whose programmes and objectives are aimed at reducing the prison population, reducing recidivism rates and helping reintegration of former prisoners into communities. 
  • Nigel Latta - Nigel trained as a Clinical Psychologist and worked for over two decades in the areas of forensic psychology and family therapy. In 2010, as a result of his passion for science and science education, Nigel was invited to become an associate of the world leading Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study at the University of Otago. In 2012 he was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to psychology.  He’s written eight books which have now been published in 19 countries and 10 languages.  His television career has spanned almost a decade and he’s presented a number of series including Beyond the Darklands, The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, On Thin Ice: Nigel Latta in Antarctica, and The Hard Stuff. In 2016, along with Arwen O’Connor and Mitchell Hawkes he co-founded a production company, Ruckus, and the team have since made numerous primetime television series including Mind Over Money, What Next, and The Curious Mind. In 2018 Ruckus was named New Zealand’s Hottest Production Company in the StopPress awards.
For more info about the conference click here:
Looks like a great event. Book, you know you want to.
New Member Induction
We welcomed as new members Sarah Jane and Ralph Elika to the club. 
PDG and PP Ron Seeto gave us a summary of each of Sarah-Janes and Ralph's backgrounds which are quite extraordinary.
Sarah Jane is a St Cuthberts alumni, holds conjoint BA/LLB degrees from Auckland University, is singer of distinction and is a business leader a law degree the singer is a young business leader and chairs three community trusts . 
Ralph is a graduate of Auckland University, holds conjoint BA/LLB degrees, has worked as lawyer in private practice and for the IRD, He built up a sorts management practice and is presently chair of three Trusts. He is also a lead Speaker at the PWC  Movers and Shakers  - Leadership program. 
Sarah-Jane and Ralph also have 4 children.
Their vocationals will be of great interest to all.
What's Coming Up
                   WHAT’S UP  Rotary Newmarket 
Sun  5th May   4pmCocktails @ Bradshaws
Tue  7th May  6:30pmDinner @ Remuera Golf ClubDr David Galler     - Intensivist & outstanding speakerOngoing Project in Samoa
Fri - Sun     10-12 MayDistrict Conference @ Napier
Tue  14th May  12pmLunch @ EllerslieCommittee updates plus                       RN draft Strategic Plan presentation 
Fri - Sun 17-19 MayMUNA @ Auckland Girls GrammarModel United Nations Assembly99 teams from Auckland Sec Schools debate a world issue
Tue  21st May  12pmLunch @ EllerslieAGM + New Board + Vocational 
Tue 28th May  12pmLunch @ EllerslieJon Lamb    - entrpreneur,            director AFT Pharmaceuticals 
Wed  30th May  12pmLunch at the End of the LineTrain journey from NewmarketBill Strand
Sun  9th JuneCircus Quirkus Paul Monk 
End Polio Now



Please read the attached Flyer which gives us five good reasons to eradicate Polio. To do this Rotary needs your help.


I have today donated $100 to Polio and I challenge the members of District 9920 to do likewise.


Every $100 donated is matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and becomes $300 and  the Gates Foundation have committed support up to $50 million per year for the next three years.


And before you read anymore remember that your $100 donation qualifies for a 33% tax rebate! So your net $67 donation generates $300 which is a great return as the global investment in a Polio Free World will reach $40 to $50 billion within the next 20 years.


Select one of the three easy ways to donate -

·        Direct to Peter Wilcocks, District Rotary Foundation Administrator, ph. 027 285 1763
Internet banking account 02-0256-0333474-00. Confirm by email to

·        Clubs with Central Billing can collect the donations from their members, and forward the list of members who donated and one payment from the Club to Peter Wilcocks, see 1 above.

·        At District Conference donate by cash or credit card – forms for receipts will be available.


This email has the full support of DG Ingrid Waugh who has also made her $100 donation.


Finally,  I  wish to personally thank you for your support for this District Giving Challenge.

 From Willard Martin


Willard Martin

D9920 District Foundation Chair 2016-2019

Treasurer – Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise 2015-2019

D9920 District Finance and Administration Committee

D9920 District Governor 2013-2014
40 Bramley Drive, Farm Cove, Pakuranga Auckland 2012, New Zealand
P: +64 9 576 6437   M: +64 29 576 6437  Emai