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David Bradshaw
Presidents Notes - Rapport  16 April 2019
President David welcomed guests Alex Burrell and Miranda Bishwan, Speaker Iain Mackenzie and members.

Remember these events are on the horizon:

  • lunch at the end of the line on 30 May. 10 people have already indicated they are attending capacity for the 25 people. Contact Bill to register your interest,

  • Sunday five May at p.m. Pres David is hosting a special cocktail functionat his home – $20 per head.

Please note our next meeting will be at Ellerslie Race Course on 30 April 12.00pm for 12.30
Dates to put in your diary.
Circus Quirkus - 9 June 2019
The Garden Designfest is up and running. But sponsors are needed. If you know anyone whose shoulder can be tapped plase tell Paul Monk.
District Conference. Napier 2010 - Keep Rotary Real.  To book for the conference see the conference website -
Duties  - If you cannot undertake your rostered duty please arrange for some-one else to step in and do your duty.
Programme 30-Apr-2019 7-May-2019
Venue Lunch @ Ellerslie Evening @ Remuera GC
Speaker Robert Lee David Galler - Intensivist
Introduction Continuation of his fascinating discussion on China Ongoing project for Samoa Hospital
Thanks David Bradshaw David Bradshaw
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Iain MacKenzie - Motutapu - Trouble at 'Mill
Special Guest Speaker at our 16 April Meeting was Past President Iain MacKenzie.

Martin McGahan introduced Iain who gave us in his address an update on what is happening with the Motutapu Restoration Trust, a Trust that the Newmarket Rotary Club has had a long association with.

Martin prefaced Iain’s address by noting that the Rotary club of Newmarket been long engaged with Motutapu Island, becoming a party to the Motutapu 2040 program in 1991.

As part of that program club was allocated an area in Mullet bay on the island where the club undertook weeding pest eradication and replanting.  That role has expanded over time to include involvement in the Motutapu Outdoor Education Trust, the Rotary Centennial walk, restoration of the Red Barn and the Reid Homestead.

Our club also helped rehabilitation of the Rotary Centennial after Cyclone Debbie caused it significant damage.

Iain’s address was titled “Trouble at Mill”. Although humorous the title accurately reflects the current position on the island which impacts on our own involvement in activities there,

in short since the Ngai Tai ki Tamaki Claims Settlement Act 2018 there has been a hiatus in the activities of the Motutapu restoration trust as the Ngai Tai Iwi seem to want to talk only to the Department of conservation and have ignored any attempts by the trust to meet and discuss the way forward so that the work done on the island is not wasted and can continue for the future.

There were many strands to Iain’s address including the withdrawal of Ateed participation in meetings between all parties which has led to a collapse of communication exacerbated by the Iwi's unwillingness to communicate or deal with anyone other than the Crown through the Department of Conservation.

Amongst other issues complicating matters there is the litigation between the Iwi and Department of conservation over the grant of concessions on each of Rangitoto and Motutapu for guided walks and tours over those distinct and unique landforms. The Iwi in short are seeking to promote their own economic interests over those that are in place presently so that they can “compete” with entities such as Fullers.

That litigation has traversed all three levels of New Zealand’s senior court structure and looks like engaging those courts for the foreseeable future. Especially if the Department of conservation reach decision regarding the grant of concessions that the Iwi does not agree with.

Issues are arising with the Iwi, in relation to farming operations conducted by the lessee of the island farm. Apparently the construction of an offal pit damaged a midden somewhere on the island. The Iwi has objected to planting of native plants again on the basis that the clearance of the areas to be planted creates damage again to historic sites. Even the removal of weeds using herbicides is the subject of objection for the same reason.

As a consequence the Motutapu Restoration Trust has stopped planting. This means that the 20,000 plants in the nursery are going to be wasted. This is causing upset and distress to the volunteers. A further consequence is weeds are now abundant causing damage there is the risk of pests such as rats mice and similar reintroducing themselves to the island has now through this clubs and other entities hard work free. 

All that work undertaken by generations of members of this club are at risk.

The inability for the trust to do anything is meant funding has been lost for future activities. Private entities and individuals who previously funded the activities of the trust are seeing there is a hiatus and so funding is being withdrawn.

The purpose of Iains address was to pose a question which members will have to answer. Does the club continue to support the Trust and MOEC as we have in the past, do we limit our support to MOEC, and comments made by Iain suggest that the Iwi have their eyes on that facility, or do we stand back from our involvement with the island and refocus our activities into other directions, or something else.

So reflect on Iain's address and let the club know what direction the club should take.



District Conference at Napier May 10 -12
Hot off the press from District 9920 HQ.
From John Fothergill regarding the District 9920 conference.
We are now only weeks out from the District 9920 conference in Napier.
Already more than 200 of you have registered for the conference, but there is still plenty of time for those who have not.  To register click here:
The conference boasts a fantastic location and venue, some excellent pre- and during-conference activities, as well as a lineup of speakers that you won't want to miss including:
  • Dr Tom Mulholland - Dr Tom is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with over 25 years’ experience in New Zealand. He has worked in Kaitaia Hospital in the North to Southland Hospital and the Sub Antarctic Islands as a doctor. He has worked in Tologa Bay, Chatham Islands, Papamoa in the east to Raglan, Taranaki and Greymouth in the west. He has hosted his own TV and Radio shows, written two internationally best-selling books and been a professional speaker to the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton for the last 10 years.
  • Dr Harold Hilman -After working in his early years as a clinical psychologist, Dr Hilman developed a passion for leadership development while teaching at the United States Air Force Academy.  His professional journey since then has led him down the path where he is actively exploring the domain of authentic leadership.  His two books have focused on what it means to lead others through authentic connections.  
  • Mike Williams - Mike is a former president of the Labour party and regularly appears on current affairs television in New Zealand.  Mike is chief executive of the Howard League whose programmes and objectives are aimed at reducing the prison population, reducing recidivism rates and helping reintegration of former prisoners into communities. 
  • Nigel Latta - Nigel trained as a Clinical Psychologist and worked for over two decades in the areas of forensic psychology and family therapy. In 2010, as a result of his passion for science and science education, Nigel was invited to become an associate of the world leading Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study at the University of Otago. In 2012 he was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to psychology.  He’s written eight books which have now been published in 19 countries and 10 languages.  His television career has spanned almost a decade and he’s presented a number of series including Beyond the Darklands, The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, On Thin Ice: Nigel Latta in Antarctica, and The Hard Stuff. In 2016, along with Arwen O’Connor and Mitchell Hawkes he co-founded a production company, Ruckus, and the team have since made numerous primetime television series including Mind Over Money, What Next, and The Curious Mind. In 2018 Ruckus was named New Zealand’s Hottest Production Company in the StopPress awards.
For more info about the conference click here:
Looks like a great event. Book, you know you want to.

A week or so ago a small band of snooker "players" gathered at the Remuera Club for the revival of the clubs Snooker Tournament.

After battling through the evening Jeff Smith emerged victorious

Some photos of the event are below