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David Bradshaw
Presidents Notes - Rapport  28 May 2019
Members were welcomed by President David to our meeting at Ellerslie Conference Centre.

Our meeting was notable for the presentation of the Ann Craig Memorial Award and the MacFarlane Memorial Award to the recipients announced at the recent nursing and midwifery awards. 

President David noted that change over will be taking place at Sorrento on 25 June. Invitations have been sent out to members.

Paul Monk spoke to the Garden design project. He circulated promotional material for that project. In short if an intending ticket purchaser pays $600 then that person gets 20 tickets the event. Check the promotional material that Paul has circulated.

Remember these events are on the horizon:

  • Please note our next meeting will be at Ellerslie Events Centre 11 June  12:00pm for 12:30pm.
  • There is no meeting on 4 June as it is the Tuesday following Queens Birthday weekend.
We have offered to host a Rotary Youth Exchange student most likely a young woman from Germany.  Host families are sought in the Epsom Girls Zone so that the student as has been the case in previous years can attend that school. Please contact Colin Lucas if you can assist.
Dates to put in your diary.
Circus Quirkus - 9 June 2019
The Garden Designfest is up and running. But sponsors are needed. If you know anyone whose shoulder can be tapped please tell Paul Monk.
Duties  - If you cannot undertake your rostered duty please arrange for some-one else to step in and do your duty.
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Speaker No meeting (Queens B'day) Christine Fernyhough and Strategic Plan Anthony Grant - The Sculptureum at Matakana
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Thanks   Colin Lucas John Meadowcroft
Rapport   Colin Lucas Colin Lucas
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The Religious Diversity Centre
Our Main Speakers at Tuesdays meeting were Ricky Waters and Jocelyn Armstrong,
Ricky is  the co-ordinating Chaplain at Manukau Institute of Technology, UNITEC Institute of Technology and Massey University, and Jocelyn is a trustee of the Religious Diversity Trust.
Ricky and Jocelyn spoke about religious diversity  in New Zealand and commented on the effect of the Christchurch massacre.
Ricky spoke to the subject of religious diversity and Jocelyn spoke to the Religious Diversity Trust which provides programs in religious diversity aiming to foster an appreciation  for and understanding of religious diversity in New Zealand.

Ricky made the point that New Zealand is now religiously diverse and that Auckland  is the second most religiously diverse city in the world. Singapore being the most.

This has occurred since the mid 80s when New Zealand immigration rules change from an Anglo-Saxon perspective to a more global perspective with immigrants coming from all corners of the world.

In Auckland 40% of the community indicate an adherence to Christianity. But in addition to that there are Buddhists, Hindu's, Jews, Sihks Muslims Ba Hai, Atheists, Spiritualists, new Agers and and others.

In the three decades since the change of immigration rules New Zealand has become a multicultural and multireligious society the downside of this is that culture has been looked after by state and local bodies but nothing has been the diverse religion conflict that can sometimes create

Ricky made the comment that religion is formed by culture and cultures like what formed by religion. In a number of screen shots Ricky noted that our assumptions about the faith an individual follows is to a certain extent fashioned by our own perceptions.

Ricky also drew our attention to the New Zealand Bill of Rights act which provides that every person has the right to manifest their religion or belief in worship observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private.  This provision has implications in education, school and tertiary, the  workplace and elsewhere.  How will that affect our generally secular society?

Jocelyn spoke to us about the Religious Diversity Centre whose aim is to make people comfortable about talking about religion and dealing with issues within religion

The Religious Diversity Centre purpose is to foster an appreciation understanding and deeper relationships among the religious, spiritual and secular communities in New Zealand, and provide an independent and informed voice on religious and spiritual issues in the public sphere.

The Religious Diversity Centre aims to build social cohesion and a religiously diverse society in which  all are safe.  A society where there is understanding and respect for others different practices and beliefs so that we can work together in productive diversity.

The Religious Diversity centre provides diversity and antidiscrimination workshops is available for professional, business, charity community or religious organisations Jocelyn told us that each workshop is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation or group including half day, full day or two day events.  The events are inclusive of everyone whether they be religious or not and contain customised content.

Like it or not New Zealand has changed beyond recognition over the past 30 years and is a multicultural nation of diverse races and beliefs.  as such the Religious Diversity Centre has an important place in our society as we grapple with issues of diversity and difference in belief and as we debate the impact of the massacre in Christchurch in March of this year.

Nursing Award Presentations
On Tuesday the club made its presentations of the Ann Craig Memorial Award and the Macfarlane Memorial Award.
The recipients of each award were;
Ann Craig Memorial Award - Elizabeth Saywell,
Macfarlane Memorial Award - Mooney Lee.
Elizabeth  was presented with her award and cheque by Scott Burridge and Alastair Macfarlane presented Mooney with the MacFarlane Memorial Award.
Both recipients took the opportunity to thank he club for their awards.
What's Coming Up
         WHAT’S UP  @ Rotary Newmarket  
Tue 4th JuneNo meeting - Queens B'day   
Sun  9th JuneCircus Quirkus Paul Monk  
Tue 11th JuneLunch @ EllerslieDraft Strategic Plan pt II plus Christine Fernyhough on her Limited Service Volunteer ProgramA must to attend for an update following the feedback from the last presentation  
Tue 18th JuneLunch @ EllerslieAnthony GrantThe Sculptureum, Matakana 
Tue 25th JuneDinner @ SorrentoChangeover Farewell Pres David                      & Welcome Pres Colin 
Fri 28th JuneTrees for SurvivalAt Hunua, with                                    St Cuthberts CollegePeter Bassett                       
Tue 2nd JulyDinner @ Remuera Golf Clubtba  
Tue 9th JulyLunch @ Ellerslietba  
Tue 16th JulyLunch @ Ellerslietba  
Sat 20th JulyCooking breakfast for            Epsom Lodge guestsEpsom Lodge, Salvation Army                                       18 Margot St EpsomMartin McGahan                      
Wed 24th JulyTrees for SurvivalAt South Kaipara,                                  with St Peters CollegePeter Bassett                       
Sat- Sun 3-4th AugMotutapu weekendA fun and fulfilling weekend          working and playing at MOECMartin McGahan