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David Bradshaw
Presidents Notes - Rapport  14 May 2019
Members were welcomed by your editor standing in for President David to our meeting at Ellerslie Conference Centre.

Remember these events are on the horizon:

  • Lunch at the end of the line on 30 May. A number of people have already indicated they are attending capacity for the 25 people. Contact Ian Bond to register your interest,

Please note our next meeting will be at Ellerslie Events Centre 21 May 2019 12:00pm for 12:30pm
We have offered to host a Rotary Youth Exchange student most likely a young woman from Germany.  Host families are sought in the Epsom Girls Zone so that the student as has been the case in previous years can attend that school. Please contact Colin Lucas if you can assist.
Dates to put in your diary.
Circus Quirkus - 9 June 2019
The Garden Designfest is up and running. But sponsors are needed. If you know anyone whose shoulder can be tapped plase tell Paul Monk.
Duties  - If you cannot undertake your rostered duty please arrange for some-one else to step in and do your duty.
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Board Updates @ Draft Strategic Plan
Because your editor was chairing our meeting on 14 May 2019 he omitted to take notes on the presentations given to members by John Overall, Martin McGahan and Roger Harvey.
From memory then:
John spoke to us about the activities of the youth committee on behalf of Alastair MacFarlane, detailing the projects that have taken place over the past year which include sponsorship of studentsto the Summer Science School, RYPEN, RYDA, RYLA, Spirit of Adventure, Rota Pacific and RYDA to name but a few.
Martin spoke to us about the activities of the Community and Environment committee including activities on Motutapu, Trees for Surival, With Penrose Rotary Reading Recovery and packing Xmas hampers with the Salvation Army.
Roger gave us an update on the Foundation and World Community service committee including the promotion of RI Foundation, Interplast, the Oxygen project ERK packing, and contributions to the Taveuni Rotary for it's programs..
He also gave us an insight into a strategic review of the club that is being undertaken by he and a small group comprising Brian McMath, Russell Toplis, Warwick Leyland..
In general terms that committee been looking at the members survey
Undertaken recently and considered the issues which are affecting our club.
Those issues include;
  • reduced participation and engagement with the club members
  • inability to retain women members
  • an inability to retain members. Ten have resigned over the last 18 months
  • an ageing membership.
  • A perceived lack of purpose and an absence of value for money,
  • leadership issues
  • a weak public image
  • inadequate welcoming, engagement of and mentoring of new members
  • inadequate or limited recognition of members achievements.
To address these substantial issues the club faces the committee has developed a strategy submitted to members consideration and discussion over the next few months.
This in involves;
  • adopting a core direction strategy
  • having an integrated strategy with key elements of the Rotary club of Newmarket each reinforcing the core direction
  • adopting best practices for club operations
  • improving the value proposition for members
  • and closely looking at club activities or practices that don’t fit in with the strategy.
The proposal produced is summarised in the outline below
Cherry picking from the draft proposal particular proposals include in relation to increasing the value of membership
  • recognising younger people don’t like meeting commitments and are busy
  • young people in the main wall to help the community
  • the cost of membership and weekly meetings put people off
  • the club could reduce costs by meeting fortnightly or online
  • alternatively cost could be reduced by having the meeting before an optional meal
  • increasing the range of projects
  • recognising Rotarians activities
  • improving the presentation of club meetings, modernising same
  • ensuring that speakers are chosen support our strategy
  • and improving our public image.
In the volunteering area the strategy notes that we need to ensure;
  • our projects are challenging
  • our projects are exciting/interesting
  • ensuring that project acknowledges our club name
  • ensuring projects are sustainable.
We don’t need to have two or three major projects can have many small projects that are attractive to members. In our big projects our Rotary club of Newmarket Hi Viz jacket should be worn amongst other things.
And finally draft strategy considers modernising our club
  • Consider changing to evening meetings to suit partners and younger members,
  • discontinuing the sergeant role and replacing it with a master of ceremonies who manages meetings
  • this role would check preparation IT presentations cashier’s et cetera
  • the suggestion is that the raffle be replaced with a donation request for the day from Pres
  • we need to improve our presentation when we greet members and guests before meetings commenced
  • we need to update our club flyer
  • and get our volunteers to talk about their experiences possibly in the form of a mini vocational stop
  • we need to consider updating our banners and such like to ensure they are up-to-date.
This is very much a draft strategy which course. Members will have different views on what is suggested and are encouraged to make them known.
The large group of members who stayed after the meeting to discuss the draft strategy was very heartening to see.
Your editor has also had independent discussions with members about the future of the club which shows that perhaps things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Watch this space.