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David Bradshaw
Presidents Notes - Rapport  26 March 2019

Oour guests included Catherine Murphy - Director of Commercial Operations in New Zealand at Seqirus NZ, Mark Biggs on behalf of the Life Education Trust and visitor James Liyu.

President David presented Mark Biggs with our donation to the Life Education Trust, the donation being part of the distribution to the benefiting charities of Circus Quirkus 2018.

Mark updated us briefly on the Life Education Trust’s activities and indicated how it was intended the proceeds of our distribution would be used.

Please note our next meeting will be at Remuera Golf Club on 2 April 2019. The meeting the week following will be a luncheon meeting at Ellerslie.
Dates to put in your diary.
Rotary Leadership Seminar 30 & 31 March 2019 - see the flyer in the body of this Rapport
Circus Quirkus - 9 June 2019
The Garden Designfest is up and running. But sponsors are needed. If you know anyone whose shoulder can be tapped plase tell Paul Monk.
District Conference. Napier 2010 - Keep Rotary Real.  To book for the conference see the conference website -
Duties  - If you cannot undertake your rostered duty please arrange for some-one else to step in and do your duty.
Programme 2-Apr-2019 9-Apr-2019
Evening @ Remuera Golf Club Lunch @ Ellerslie
Topic Auckland Volcanos Resilience
Speaker Dr Bruce Hayward Timothy Giles
Introduction Roger Gower TBC
Thanks Roger Gower Roger Gower
Rapport Colin Lucas Colin Lucas
AV Duty Paul Monk John Hawke
Cash Desk Colin Lucas Greg Carr
Registration of Visitors Simon Dalton Ron Halls
Host to Visitors Boyne Drummond Roger Harvey
  Nigel Folwer Alan Hayward
Attendance Register Roger Gower Terry Hibbitt
Sunshine Boxes   Richard Holden
    Patrick Learmonth

Catherine Murphy
Boyne Drummond introduced our guest speaker Catherine Murphy by first mentioning the Walsh Memorial Scout flying School which is an annual event taking place at Matamata, aerodrome in January of every year stop the courses a two week long training camp providing aviation training for those who would wish to learn to fly and gain employment in the fly in industries.
In the two weeks  students are at the flying school  they end up flying solo 7 to 8 hours flying time in their logbooks. Many of the students learn to fly before they learn to drive.
Ordinarily our club sponsors at least one student to the flying school every year.
Boyne then very neatly segued into introducing Catherine first as a Walsh Flying School parent and secondly as  director of New Zealand operations for Seqirus NZ.
Catherine Murphy’s son Isaac participated in the Walsh Memorial scout flying school and is now positioning himself to apply to the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a pilot trainee.
Catherine told us that Isaac has been to the Walsh Memorial scout flying school twice the first time as a student and secondly a 2nd year trainee and has greatly enjoyed it on both occasions.
Catherine during working hours is the Director of Commercial Operations in New Zealand for Seqirus NZ.
After graduating Auckland University with a degree in architecture Catherine changed career paths and has ended up working in the pharmaceutical industry in the past 25 years.
She has been working with Seqirus the past 12 and has been in her current role for the past 12 years.
Catherine gave us a overview of Seqirus’ activities in New Zealand and an insight into how governments plan for disease outbreaks and pandemics.
Seqirus is a lineal descendant of what was formerly the Australian Commonwealth Serum Laboratory established in 1916. The role of the Commonwealth serum laboratory was to manufacture anti venom serums, flew medicines stop in 1994 Commonwealth serum laboratories were privatised and various offshoots of the company were incorporated to undertake the company’s various activities.
CSL pharmaceuticals was set up in New Zealand in 1991. In 2006 changes name to CSL by therapies and after a number of name changes in company amalgamations Seqirus was incorporated to become the second-largest influenza vaccine company in the world.
The company has its headquarters in Melbourne and operates major facilities in Australia Germany Switzerland USA and Japan employing over 11,000 staff turnover of in excess of $8 billion.
Catherine told us that Seqirus makes the seasonal influenza vaccine is held in stock in anticipation of annual fluid epidemics.
Catherine noted that Seqirus is presently the biggest chicken farmer in Australia as the vaccines are cultured using eggs as the base. Consequently some hundreds of thousands of eggs are required leading to massive chicken farming operations.
There is presently taking place a change from egg-based production to sell based production. This means the eight week process required to produce an egg-based vaccine will shrink significantly. Costs will also reduce as egg-based vaccines are very labour-intensive to create.
There is significant expense however in moving to cell based production techniques as new factories will need to be built in self-confidence the amount of money.
Catherine told us there is an ongoing risk of flu pandemic in Australasia. New Zealand has been lucky in that the last two seasons have been mild but there is always the risk of a pandemic such as the Spanish flu which killed many people in the early 1900s. So there is always significant stocks of flu vaccine available as well as, somewhat depressingly, 50,000 body bags in storage.
Seqirus also manufactures antivenoms, especially for the Australian market as there are many creatures in that country that bite, sting, scratch and otherwise eat humans, so it follows that antivenens are strong product category offered by the company.
Catherine gave us an indication of Seqirus’ relationship with the Crown and other pharmaceutical manufacturers. It’s a trusted supplier to the private market and the government enters into contracts for the provision of pandemic preparedness.
Catherine’s address was an interesting introduction to the world of big Pharma and how companies such as Seqirus work away quietly in the background doing essential work that doesn’t attract the media columns, unless it all goes wrong.
Roger Harvey's Rotary Update

Roger Harvey gave us another in his series of Rotary updates.

1. Rotary is partnering with entities such as Toast Masters to increase its reach.

2. Former district governor Jean-Louis has returned to medical practice working in Bangladesh with the Rohingya crisis. He reports that the conditions experienced in the country are the worst he has ever seen. One suspects that Rotary will be an NGO that finds itself somehow involved in to that crisis at some stage.

Fellowship Events.
The Fellowship Committee lists the following upcoming events
  1. Mangawhai Golf /Scenic Walks – Fellowship weekend
    Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March, 2019.
    This is a fabulous weekend where Rotarians and partners are invited to Mangawhai for the weekend and are hosted by generous Rotarian families who have homes at Mangawhai.
    This year this includes Rick and Adele Buchanan, Bill and Linda Mabey and John and Anne Burton.
    If bookings exceed the available accommodation then motel rooms will be booked and the costs averaged out over the total number of visitors attending.
    For the golfers:
    Bill Mabey has booked the Mangawhai golf course for 11am Tee off on Saturday.
    For those not playing golf there are some lovely walks or just relax in lovely Mangawhai.
    On Saturday evening we will get together and have a barbeque at one of the host’s homes. Cost for the barbecue, $20 per person.
    On Sunday morning you may choose to have brunch at the Dune Café or one of the other café’s in the area.                                                                                                  
    Those attending also have a nice option of travelling up Friday afternoon and there are a number of very nice restaurants where you could have dinner that evening.
    There will be a limit to the numbers attending, so if you are keen to go then book early with Rick.
    Bookings for the weekend and the golf to Ric Buchanan.
    Mobile:     021 483 877
  1. Petanque
5.30pm on Wednesday 20th March, 2019 has been booked with Epsom Bowling Club for our annual Petanque and Barbeque evening for Rotarians and Partners.
Cost for the barbeque is $20 per person.
Peter Corner and Greg Carr are organising this fun event.  
This year we are changing the format to quick fire games scoring up to 6. This will mean more games and we select the winning team early in the evening and present them with the Trophy.
Bookings to Peter Corner
Phone:       (09) 575 3303
  1. Lunch at the end of the line
    Date is set for Thursday 30th May, 2019
    Already there is a lot of interest in this new Fellowship event being organised by Ian Bond.
    The plan is to meet at Newmarket station late morning. Travel by train for about 1 hour to the “End of the Line”, where we will have an enjoyable lunch at the mystery destination.
    We then return home on the train to Newmarket station, arriving back mid-afternoon.
    Bookings to Ian Bond.
    Mobile:     021 754 715
    Any questions about any of these events, then please do call me.
    Bill Strand
    Mobile:           0274 577 613                                                                        

From President David


We are all horrified by the attack in Christchurch.   The Board has decided that we would facilitate fund raising as a club by setting up a charitable trust bank account so that members can donate directly to that.  We are hopeful that NRCF (Newmarket Rotary Charitable Foundation) will provide additional funds (possibly a matching amount).  We will then discuss with the Christchurch Rotary clubs how those funds can be best utilised - anticipating that long term support will be needed following any initial distribution of funds.


You will have already received a request for donations from our DG Ingrid Waugh and to those who have already donated a big thank you.


If you have not yet donated please consider donating through the club's charitable trust.  The advantage of doing so is that you will receive a donation receipt to claim a tax rebate and additionally the amount is likely to be supplemented by related trusts/foundation.   We are aiming for a target of $10,000, which if matched by NRCF would build the total to $20,000, a significant sum. 


The bank account to donate funds to is:

RCONCT - Project Account 12-3252-0042374-02


I hope that you will see fit to donate generously.

David Bradshaw