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Michelle Smith
From President Michelle.

A large gathering of members partners and guests was in attendance for our monthly evening meeting at Remuera golf club.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing


We welcomed Dr Michelle Dickinson and her husband Joe Davis, guest speakers Malvindar Singh-Bain and Lee-Anne Knox, from St Cuthbert's students Georgina Odlin, Kacey Zhou participants in the Rotary National Science & Technology Forum and their parents as well as Thomas Curtis HOS at St Cuthbert's.


Richard Solomon introduced members to his granddaughter Grace Johnston.


Room Change
Members are advised that our meeting on 15 May will be in the Remuera Room, First Floor of the Ellerslie Stand.
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Dr Malvindar Singh-Bain
Our guest speakers were Dr Malvindar Singh-Bain and Leanne Knox

Malvindar was Dux and Head girl of Waitakere College, is a self-confessed westie, a former attendee of the Rotary National Science and Technology forum in 2005  and twice a finalist in the young NZer if the year awards for her research and charitable work on Huntingdon's disease and is now a post-doctoral research fellow working in the University of Auckland Centre for brain research undertaken postdoctoral research into Huntington's disease and Alzhiemers disease.


Malvindar gave us an introduction to Huntington's disease what it is and how it affects individuals.


In summary the disease is an inherited neurological disorder caused by an expanded gene in an individual's DNA. Everybody has the gene but people with the condition have a longer version of the gene the expansion of which causes it not work properly and results in the disease manifesting itself It is a disease that affects the progress of breakdown of nerve cells in brain with a broad impact on an individual's functional abilities resulting in movement thinking (cognitive) and psychiatric disorders.


Malvindar spends a lot of time looking through microscopes brain cells establish how the genetic make up of cells of a supper of hunting disease works in an effort to identify a cure.  Malvinder expects what confidently to identify a cure although when is the big question.


In 2013 Malvindar formed a Huntington's disease youth organisation of New Zealand which is a charity dedicated to providing support to youth in New Zealand who are impacted by the disease. She is the co-chair of the organisation and has been actively involved in fundraising and undertaking Huntingtons disease awareness promotions


Malvindars address segued into Leanne's address.


Lee-Anne spoke to the issues that young people experience when their parents are themselves sufferers of Huntington's disease. These issues arise as children of someone who suffers from hunting disease are at real risk of suffering the disease themselves.


In Lee-Anne's case three members of her family have died from the disease. She and her sister are not carriers of the mutated gene that causes the disease. Lee-Anne told us that the process of establishing whether or not an individual is susceptible to the disease is a long involved process including psychological tests to assess whether the particular individual can deal appropriately with the advice that they either have the genetic mutation and will suffer the disease or that they do not have the mutation and will not experience.


Once psychological testing is complete blood test cases and transmitted to Australia for testing.


Once the test results are received they are checked and ultimately results advised to the individual stop if it is a positive test all you can do is keep working and going forward hoping that someone like Malvindar will develop a cure for the disease. If the individual receives a negative test Lee-Anne told us there is an element of survivor's guilt in that individuals acknowledge that they have missed the bullet so speak there is a possibility that other members of the family will not have had that good fortune.


Lee-Anne is also involved in the Huntington's disease youth organisation stop the folks is getting you together to enable them to obtain information on the disease, support and empower those youth with a strong community support network as well as provide accessible information.


Malvindar and Lee-Anne were both extraordinary young women, and both were enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers. If their past successes are anything to go by their futures will be stellar.


Dr Michelle Dickinson

Dr Michelle Dickinson.

Dr Michelle Dickinson is well known to Newmarket Rotary she and her husband Joe that put together a recipe book based on scientific experiments. The book and its publication was funded in part by Rotary club of Newmarket.


Your editor is the proud owner of one of those books and will be assisting his sons and may carry out some of the experiments\recipes it contains. Joe Davis was able to announce that he had recently attended the London there and that a publisher had been identified to take the book to the USA and North America.


We were told that every recipe in the book was given the "single mother" test. That is to say if a single mother could not find in the pantry elements of each experiment then that particular recipe dropped.


Members and guests were treated to one of the recipes contained in the book involved a plastic cup piece of string some wet tissue and a solid straw stop the net result sounded remarkably like a duck caller, greatly amused members and guests.


Production of the book is a social enterprise on the basis that for every unit that is purchased by an individual another unit will be donated a worthy recipient.


Michelle and Joe have donated 60 books to the club for distribution to the community as a thank you for helping getting the book published.

Summer Science School Update

Kacey Zhou and Georgina Odlin who both attend St Cuthberts and were sponsored by our club the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum spoke to their experiences at the summer school. 


For both young woman the experience of meeting like-minded individuals all over New Zealand making new friendships and participating in what quite frankly were mind blowing experiences Robotics, video game creation, gene sequencing was eye-opening.


While both young ladies didn't have preconceived ideas of where they saw their career paths the opportunities they were exposed to so that science is myriad opportunities is a good jumping off point for an exciting and interesting career.


If these young women follow the lead given by our guest speaker Dr Malvindar Singh-Bain, herself a former participant in the summer school then they will have stellar careers. 

Whats Coming up
Mt Eden Rotary Oceans 8 Fundraiser

Mt Eden Rotary invites you to a private screening of OCEAN'S 8 starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter. Please SHARE this invitation with anyone who you think may find it of interest. Thank you!

Date: Sunday 10 June 2018
Time: Starts 6.30pm (Doors open 6.15pm)
Venue: Hoyts Sylvia Park
Tickets: $25 includes popcorn, or choc bomb or bottled coke; CASH sales please.

Nett proceeds to: The Rotary Foundation and other Rotary programmes

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Movie tickets available from:
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